terça-feira, 6 de maio de 2008

CLEMENTINE - I'm nervous. You don't need to be nervous around me, though. I like you. Do you think I'm repulsively fat?
JOEL - No, not at all.
CLEMENTINE- I don't either. I used to. But I'm through with that. Y'know, if I don't love my body, then I'm just lost. You know? With all the wrinkles and scars and the general falling apart that's coming round the bend. You ever inhale hairspray? Fucking good high. I don't anymore. It causes cellulite.
So, I've been seeing this guy...
CLEMENTINE - Oh, Joel, you're so sweet! Just been seeing him for the last week. He's kind of the kid. Kind of a goofball, but he's really stuck on me, which is flattering. Who wouldn't like that? And he's, like, a dope, but the says these smart and moving things sometimes, out of nowhere, that just break my heart. He's the one who game that crow photograph.
JOEL - Oh, yeah. Caw.
CLEMENTINE - It made me cry. But, anyway, we went up to Boston, because I had this surge to lie on my back on the Charles river. It gets frozen this time of year.
JOEL - That sounds scary.
CLEMENTINE - Exactly! I used to do it in college and I had this urge again, so I got Patrick and we drove all night to get there and he was was sweet and said nice things to me, but I was really disappointed to be there with him. Y'know? And that's where my psychic stuff comes in. Like, it just isn't tight with him. Y'know?
JOEL - I tkink so. I had a girlfriend two years ago and just yesterday...
CLEMENTINE - I don't believe in that soulmate crap anymore, but... Patrick says so many great things. We like the same writers. This writer Joel Townsley Rogers he turned me on to.
JOEL - Yeah, he's one of my favorite. I saw you had his book in your purse. One of the oddest locked room mysteries.
CLEMENTINE - And this kid's cute, too. It's fucked up. I mean, here it is Valentine's day and I can't bring myself to call him.
Joel, you should come up to the Charles with me sometime.
JOEL - Okay.

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  1. caramba!
    acabei de assitir e de comentar com a autora deste.
    filme lindo: caleidoscópico!
    só me lasca!
    ; )